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  • Beautiful, clean and expertly made. My coils arrived safe and ready to use immediately. No hot spots, no shorts just beautiful tight coils. Included was some lovely Japanese organic cotton too! I can’t recommend these coils enough ♡

  • Joe will advise you honestly and with expertise. Once you’ve tried them, you need look no further. Truly outstanding craftsmanship. Its been a pleasure! ??

  • Joe is a top bloke. I’ve been vaping for 7 years mainly on subohm tanks but recently got a couple of rta’s. I had lost my way with coils and was getting very confused with aliens fraliens claptons and any other name you can call a coil. His advice was spot on and the coils work even better. Delivery was quick and well packaged as for the coils they were spot on. Ohms were exactly as stated no hotspots and as clean as anything.

    The taste on the framed staple alien is brilliant and I can’t wait to try the corrugateds. They also look great, the sets I was sent no flaws and are completely regimented all the way along.

    Huge thanks Joe for your time and the advice I will reorder when the need arises.

    From one very happy customer

  • Joe is a top bloke. I recently pick a RTA as I was getting feed up with paying a fortune for subohm coils and also waiting ages for them to be delivered. But I was totally confused with all the different coils that are out there. Joe’s advice and spot on for what I wanted. Delivery was quacked and well packaged. Also these coils are very very good flavour is as good as anything I’ve tried and they look fantastic. You have one very happy customer

  • Just had to write a note as I’ve just started on a pair of Framed Staple Staggered Fused coils and they are absolutely gorgeous. Thank you Joe for your top craftsmanship on these beautiful coils, so tasty!

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