Framed Staple Alien ( Cumulus )

Framed Staple 7 core
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Frame staple alien 5 ply

  • These are for the experienced vapours that like to vape at high power but still enjoy a good flavour.
  • They require a mid size build deck that will take the fatter coil.
  • A heavy dense vapour means that it may be good idea to water the juice with more VG/Pg  base and reduce the nic.
  • Built with a stack of 5 x 0.3/0.1 flat and 0.3 frame with 0.1 alien clapton means a not too hot, but dense vape with no loss of flavour.
  • 7 cores at 3.0mm coil inner diameter gives approx 0.27- 0.3 Ω at 4/5 wraps
  • Will handle 100W per coil and still have a longevity between re wicking.

Suggested for use in a regulated high wattage mod 50 – 200W.