Nano Mohawk Alien ( Uncinus )

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***  These coils are no longer stocked but can be made on request ***

Nano Mowhawk Alien

  • If you are not a cloud chaser and just want to replace that standard wrap rebuild coil with the benefits of a mohawk alien, then these are perfect.
  • Alien wrapped with wire thinner than an average human hair.
  • These nano mohawk aliens will fit into any deck that is capable of mounting 24 gauge wire.
  • Better flavour and warmer vapour production at lower wattage than a standard clapton coil.
  • The Nano mohawk aliens are very tiny full 3 core alien coils, built for the smaller tanks.They fit well in tanks like the Kayfun or Kanger Tech Sub Tank and Mini, where the space is limited.
  • They let you experience the improved performance and flavour of the mohawk alien build in a space intended only for plain wire build.
  • These are made with 3 cores of 0.2 mm stainless steel with a 0.06 mm alien Clapton.
  • Each coil is between 0.7Ω and 0.75Ω depending on deck and positioning.
  • I always leave long legs to assist in alteration for deck fitting.
  • They perform best between  10 – 30 Watts per coil.
  • Core : 3 by  0.20 mm (32 AWG)
  • Wrap: 1 by 0.06 mm (42 AWG )
  •  2.0 mm coil inner diameter gives approx 0.7 – 0.75 Ω at 6/7 wraps.
  • Optimal range 10W to 30W per coil.
  • At 4.2 Volts : 0.7 Ω = 25W : 6 AMPS

These are designed for best performance for MTL vapours but work well up to 40W per coil for lung draw.


They are very delicate, so care must be taken when installing and combing for hot spots, not to damage the structure. If the legs need to be trimmed before instalation, then gently flatten the leg with smooth nose pliers, and trim wire on waste side of flat. This will prevent decoil and warping of the clapton wire.

A warmer denser vape at a lower wattage.

Suggested for use in a regulated  mod  10-40W.