316L Stainless steel alien coils and staggered fused coils

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Stainless steel Alien coilsStainless steel Alien coils

       Professionally handmade stainless steel vape coils

  • Stainless steel Coils.

  • All coils are individually handmade exotic coils and not mass produced, so will always be to the highest standard.
  • Spun from stainless steel therefore give the cleanest flavour possible from your juice and the best ramp up time.
  • Good Stainless steel has greater chemical stability at vaping temperatures, so is much safer than other alloys and can last even longer.
  • Coils that are designed to give you a superior flavour and a smooth warm vape also less spitting and a denser cloud production at a higher wattage.
  • These coils are for the experienced vapors only, who want the best without the time or hassle it takes to building intricate coils.
  • Handmade coils should always be fitted by an experienced and competent tank builder with an understanding of ohms law and mod safety.
  • Safety First

  • Safety of your mod and tank, should always be checked before using these coils.
  • Batteries should always be of a high drain capability and of a capacity to handle the load current that is demanded of them.
  • Any batteries with any defect in the insulation or with any contact damage, should always be safely discarded at your local battery recycling center.
  • Fit and dry burn coils, one at a time and then re fit them as a pair to minimize any risk of overloading the mod or batteries, as some of these coils are of very low ohm.
  • My recommended source for batteries are Fogstar