Corrugated Framed Staple Alien

Corrugated Framed Staple Alien


This Corrugated Framed Staple Alien is based on the framed staple alien but has the centre ribbon corrugated and the alien clapton spaced to give large vapour pockets in the coil. This gives better vapour density for size of coil.

  • Corrugated framed staple stainless steel


  • A stack of 3 x 0.3/0.1 flat (1 corrugated) with 0.3 frame aliened with 0.1 all stainless steel.
  • 5 cores at 2.5 mm coil inner diameter gives approx 0.24- 0.25 Ω at 4/5 wraps

Suggested for use in a regulated high wattage mod 25 – 100W.

All these vape coils are individually handmade exotic coils and not mass produced. They are all made by me from stainless steel to give the cleanest flavour from your juice and the best ramp up time. Although there is no reason to believe that other metals , such as nickel kanthal or titanium are harmful in the vaping environment, stainless steel is the safest bet, especially for anyone with nickel allergy. Stainless steel can last longer and gives a cleaner crisper flavour and better ramp up time.

These handmade coils are for the experienced advanced vapor and not for the novice or beginner.
  • As a safety guideline for Mechanical or Hybrid mods, use high drain batteries capable of 25 AMP continuous load, one battery per coil, or  batteries of 50 AMP load on dual coil.
  • Make sure batteries are not damaged ( wrapping, contacts or insulator ring )
  • ensure drippers and tanks have a positive pin at least 1.5mm proud and not spring loaded.
    Please also research, and purchase your choice of E-liquid from a reputable source!
  • Please research, as your safety is paramount.
  • Small parts that may cause a choking hazard and dangerous if swallowed. Keep out of the reach of children and animals.