About X29 Coils ..

A selection of the best Handmade vape coils, made from 316L stainless steel.

 Alien Coils UK handmade

Please take the time to read the below ( If only the RED ) It will describe my ethos.

Alien coils UK made from 316L stainless steel wire.

All these alien coils are individually handmade exotic coils and not mass produced. They are all made by myself from stainless steel to give the cleanest flavour from your juice and the best ramp up time. Although there is no reason to believe that other metals , such as nickel kanthal or titanium are harmful in the vaping environment, stainless steel is the safest bet, especially for anyone with nickel allergy. Stainless steel can last longer and gives a cleaner crisper flavour and better ramp up time.

  • Handmade Alien, Framed Staple Alien ( Fralien ) and Staggered Fused vape coils.
  • Alien coils UK made from  100% 316L Stainless Steel UK and US sourced wire.
  • Long legs for ease of fitting and adjustment.
  • I believe that quality and plenty of room for adjustment are more important.
  • Please specify if you would like half ( Goon / velocity )  or full turn ( Pharaoh ) profile.
  • For a Pharaoh coil, a ½ turn will be added.
  • All illustrations are shown, and will be delivered goon style unless requested other.
  • * The coils are priced according to the time they take to make *
  • Alien coils UK made from 316L stainless steel wire.

These handmade vape coils are for the experienced advanced vapor and not for the novice or beginner.

All Aliens are multi core and wrapped with a de-cored clapton.

The X29 coil range of handmade vape coils, are the finest quality hand-built vaping coils designed to install in rebuildable drippers and tank atomizer. Made with 304 stainless steel food industry and 316L stainless steel marine grade. Sized for different mods and wattage rating. The stainless steel is sourced from the UK and Ribbon wire From  WIREOPTIM Florida USA.

Imported and Chinese Alien coils are often, only clapton wrapped flat wire, which perform only marginally better than a plain coil. This gives the name ALIEN a bad reputation. True alien builds are a skilled craft of claptoning a multi-core with a pre coiled fine gauge wire, which takes time, practice and a steady hand, not to mention patience. When buying alien coils, only look for traders willing to give a close up image of the actual product and build specifications. The finer the build the smoother the vape, the better the flavour.

The tongue is one of the most sensitive organs in the body so any slight imperfection or hot spot in a coil will mar the flavour.

These designs of handmade vape coils will give you a superior flavour and a smooth warm vape, with less spitting and a denser cloud production at higher wattage. They are only for the experienced vapor, who want the best without the time or hassle of having building intricate coils. Some of these can take up to 2 hours to build.

All coils should be fitted by an experienced tank builder with the understanding of ohms law and mod safety. The safety of the mod, mechanical or regulated, should be checked before using. Batteries should be of high drain capability and a capacity to handle the load current demanded. batteries with any defect in insulation or contact damage, should be safely discarded at a battery recycling center.

It is advised to fit and dry burn coils one at a time and then re fit as a pair, as these coils are low ohm. This will minimise the risk of overloading the mod or batteries.

  • As a safety guideline for Mechanical or Hybrid mods, use high drain batteries capable of 25 AMP continuous load, one battery per coil, or  batteries of 50 AMP load on dual coil.
  • Make sure batteries are not damaged ( wrapping, contacts or insulator ring )
  • Ensure drippers and tanks have a positive pin at least 1.5mm proud and not spring loaded.
  • Always carry spare batteries in a battery case.
    Please also research, and purchase your choice of E-liquid from a reputable source!
  • !!!!    WHO IS VAPING BAD FOR   !!!!  ( video link )

  • Please research, as your safety is paramount.
  • Small parts that may cause a choking hazard and dangerous if swallowed. Keep out of the reach of children and animals.

What makes an alien coil superior, is its wicking ability, and the tight even winding improve the capillary action.

Why X29 coils?  Precision! Quality! consistency!  the next one you buy WILL be as good as the first.

The X29 coils are supplied in a custom 3D printed protective container with a colour coded lid.

Framed Staple Alien coils : Nano Alien coils : 3 Core Alien coils : Staggered Fused coils.

  • Alien coils UK made from 316L stainless steel wire.

All coils are handmade on a custom designed coil lathe.

( X29 Coils is not responsible to damaged caused to coils/rda/rdta/mods or any individual due to incorrect fitting, or caused due to general maintenance or use of X29 Coils hand made coils, the information and tips described above are to be used at the customers own risk and as a general how to guide, you should be sure you have sufficient knowledge of ohms law, correct battery safety and general use. That you have a good understanding of how to use rebuild-able vape devices and when purchasing X29 coils you do so at your own risk )